Future-Proof ERP System

ABACA PRECISION ERP is a complete ERP suite, designed for both,
simplicity and power.

Abaca ERP

ERP for

ERP for

ERP for

A lot more than just
keeping records

Abaca Precision ERP actively helps you manage your two biggest costs - procurement and manufacturing - and everything else surrounding them.

A lot more than just keeping records
Enterprise view of Information

Enterprise view of

Manage vast amounts of data with a few mouse clicks and keep every aspect of your business closer. ERP is a need for modern businesses to run smoothly and profitably.

Communication and

Improve communication across departments and optimize business processes by providing easy visibility of all operations.

Seamless <br> Communication and <br> Collaboration
Detailed Onboarding and 24/7 Support

Detailed Onboarding
and 24/7 Support

Complete setup and onboarding for clients to incorporate Abaca PRECISION into their routine. We also provide dedicated support teams that are at your disposal 24/7

One connected ERP,

A complete, modern, online ERP suite that provides your teams with advanced capabilities, such as AI to automate manual processes, analytics to react to market shifts in real-time, and automatic updates to stay current and gain a competitive advantage.

Seamless <br> Communication and <br> Collaboration

| Completely
Customisable Solution

No more one-size-fits-all solutions, now you can have it your way... and make it efficiently! Our customizable ERP solution allows you to tailor the system to fit the unique needs of your company.

| Real-time

See exactly what's happening on your production floor at any given time, so you can make informed decisions quickly. Have an up-to-date and accurate picture of their operations, finances, and overall performance.

| Third-part

Abaca Precision ERP integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and tools, such as your CRM, accounting software, and more.

| Data security and

Abaca Precision ERP's commitment to data security and compliance makes it a trusted solution for organizations looking to secure their information and meet regulatory requirements.

Key Modules of
Abaca Precision ERP

| Inventory

Get up-to-date stock information on the fly. Inventory tracking made easy with the ERP inventory module. Complete traceability from the supplier to the customer with a transparent data flow. Prevent any data inconsistencies and avoid costly shortages and supply overstock.

| Accounting

Simplify accounting needs of modern businesses. Centrally manage business transactions to keep track of income and expenses, and reduce overhead. The accounting module of Precision ERP is capable of handling multiple currencies, with software to help users calculate taxes automatically.

| Production

Plan and schedule production with real-time insights on capacity constraints. With MRP simulations, you can spot and predict bottlenecks, fine-tune your plan, and pivot with speed. Create balanced workforce capacity plans based on resource availability and production forecasts.

Why Abaca Precision ERP

Take Your Business to the next level today, tomorrow, and in the future

| 100% Customizable

Tailor the module to fit your specific business needs, so you can be sure that you're getting the most out of it. This means that you can set up custom workflows, create custom reports, and even integrate with other systems that you may be using.

| Flexible, Scalable & Versatile Platform

Offers all the flexibility and function your team needs to hit and exceed their goals. Quickly scale up or down your computing resources and storage to meet the changing business needs.

| Fast Deployment & Ease of-Use on any device

Right from the beginning, you’ll have all the features you need, and you can rely on our experts to handle the maintenance & management that keeps it running smoothly and effectively.

| Centralized control across your operations

Break down silos from employee management to inventory updates to accounts handling and have unified control over the complete processes and data of your business.

| Lightning Fast UI with Intuitive Dashboard

It's fast, it's powerful, and there's not a lot you can't do with it! Lightweight, responsive and visually attractive user interfaces with an intuitive dashboard help make changes quickly & easily.

| Complete data visibility

Easily monitor, analyze and display data from different sources. A modern data analytics solution that seamlessly accommodates company-wide use systems. This gives confidence for better-informed business decisions.

| Cost-effective solution to gain new efficiencies

A modular ERP that is cost-effective. Precision ERP helps manufacturers to keep track of different operational processes and achieve operational excellence to improve customer service while reducing operational time and costs.

Both on-premise and cloud-based

Whether you want to deploy your ERP software on the cloud or in the office
locally, we have a deployment solution to suit all your business needs.



An ideal fit, it offers scalability, agility and good accessibility and saves your money and time while deployed “as-a-service” in the cloud.



It offers complete control, management and
ownership of the system.

Key Features of Abaca Precision ERP

| In-built Reporting

Real-time reports generation with accuracy. Internal report builder with many options for sorting, printing, and sharing. Generate easy reports for everything from core financial data to production cycle times, consolidating the many facets of your business.

| Integrated email

Customisable email integration. Send emails to customers, vendors, contacts, and company employees. Email integration improves businesses by establishing strong relationships with contacts and consumers.

| Quality Central

Quality is the prime pillar of success for any industry. With Precision ERP, maintaining quality and tracking the entire product lifecycle of your goods is made easy and accessible.

| BarCode-based Inventory

Easily find out what you have in stock and what you don't. Customizable barcode inventory management process making it easy to scan, track, and manage your inventory.

| Point-of-sale Workstation

Smart POS tools for quick billing and simplified sales management. The PRECISION Point of Sale Workstation provides a robust front-end user interface for filling and shipping orders according to the Accounts Receivable and inventory availability.

| Invoicing integrated into Tax

The user can define all the taxes and charges that are applicable in all the invoicing and billing. Use TDS Master to view and edit details regarding the sales tax information.

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